Vision Glass Panel for Rake Staircase 8x300x825mm

Vision Glass Panel for Rake Staircase 8x300x825mm


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OakStore Vision Rake Glass Panel for Grooved Staircase Systems

With a combination of solid oak and glass the vision-panel staircase system will add natural light as well as making your home feel much larger. The solid American white oak Vision range of handrail and base rail sets work well with the toughened 8mm thick vision glass panels for a stylish modern finish to your new staircase.

Note: Vision Raked Glass panels are 42 degree pitch and suitable for 40-44 degree stair pitch installations.

Useful Information

  • Vision Rake glass panel
  • 8mm toughened glass
  • Panel size 8x300x825mm
  • For 8mm grooved handrail & baserail

Vision Rake Glass Panel