Terms and Conditions

1. Definitions

2. Applicable Conditions

3. Order Quantities

4. Pricing

5. Offer and Acceptance

6. Supply of Goods

7. Payment Terms

8. Payment Methods

9. Availability

10. Delivery

11. Goods Damaged or Faulty on Delivery

12. Cancellation Policy

13. Returns Policy

14. Force Majeure

15. Natural Timber Products

Oak products supplied by the seller are natural products which are intended to be high quality items but they will be rarely flawless. Oak, like any other timber, will not always be completely flat and/or straight. The products supplied by the seller should be fit for their intended purpose. This may rely on the sensible use of fixings and common joinery methods to overcome slight imperfections, such as small knots and shakes.

16. General

17. Contact

18. Complaints Policy
The seller takes complaints about the products, staff and service levels very seriously. If the buyer is not satisfied in any way it is important that the buyer follows the sellers’ formal complaint procedures.

How to make a formal complaint

You can make a formal complaint by post, online or by phone.

Write to:
Complaints Manager
Oak Store Direct Ltd
Unit 1 Riverside Works
Dockfield Road
West Yorkshire
BD17 7AD

Phone the sellers’ customer service telephone number. The customer service personnel can take a note of your complaint to pass on to the complaints manager. ​

Please note it is advisable to place detailed complaints in writing, where possible, to ensure the buyer concerns are comprehensively covered.
What happens next
When the buyer makes a complaint, the seller will:

​​​​​​​What to do if the buyer is not satisfied
If the buyer is still not satisfied with the outcome; the buyer is welcome to escalate the complaint to the Managing Director.