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Rustins Danish Oil 250ml

Rustins Danish Oil 1ltr, protects and feeds hard and soft woods with a blend of natural oils including pure tung oil. Brings out the natural grain of the wood and achieves a soft, satin sheen finish. Rustins Danish Oil contains UV filters preventing discolouration from the sun and is suitable for exterior and interior use. Rustins Danish Oil has a quick drying formula, is water, heat and alcohol resistant and is completely safe for toys (EN71 Approved).

Interior Woodwork
Preparation - Remove any previous wax and varnish finishes and make sure surface is bare. Wood surface must be clean, dry and dust-free.
Application - Apply Rustins Danish Oil with a brush or lint-free cotton cloth, allowing to penetrate the wood for at least 5/10 minutes before removing excess with a clean lint-free cloth.
Leave to dry for a minimum period of five hours, a minimum of three coats is recommended. In areas such as a kitchen or bathroom, more coats will be required.

Exterior Woodwork
Preparation - All surface blackening or mould must be removed and surface left clean, dry and free from decaying timber.
Application - Apply as interior wood with at least four coats, which will give minimum protection.
There is no need to remove excess on sawn timber, but runs must be wiped clean. More exposed areas will require more coats.

This product is not recommended for Exterior Oak, instead, please see Rustins Tung Oil.

Please Note: As oil finishes bring out the natural colours of the wood and a wet surface is an indication of the final colour, always test Rustins Danish Oil on a discreet area to establish the finished result.

Cleaning and maintenance after treatment

Interior Woodwork - Clean surfaces using a damp cloth, wiping any spills up immediately. Use a mild detergent for stubborn stains. Depending upon usage, surfaces need to be re-oiled once a year.
Exterior Woodwork - All surface grime, mould or any blackening of the timber needs to be removed, (sanding may be an option) before re-oiling can take place. Exterior woodwork needs to be maintained regularly at least twice a year.

Available in:  250ml
Coverage: 2.5-3.0 m/sq


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Rustins Danish Oil 250ml Quality Furniture Protection

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