Floating Shelf Bracket 12x120mm Concealed/Hidden Support

Floating Shelf Bracket 12x120mm Concealed/Hidden Support


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Concealed floating shelf support bracket 12x120mm. Ideal for floating shelves and cabinet fixing. Supplied with support and wall plug, this hardened steel floating shelf bracket is made from 12mm diameter steel and penetrates 120mm into the shelf giving maximum support.

- Support Diameter 12mm
- Support Length 120mm
- Screw Length 65mm
- For concealed mounting of shelves
- For installation directly into masonry wall
- Hardened steel supporting pin with screw
- Galvanised steel washer
- Nylon wall plug, SR 10 60 mm
- Easy installation and vertical adjustment:
- Drill Ø 10 mm hole and insert wall plug
- Slip washer (supplied) onto screw thread
- Screw shelf support into wall plug
- Install shelf on support as far as the knurled section
- Use an SW 10 open-ended wrench for vertical adjustment
- Finally push the shelf all the way to the wall