At Oak Store Direct, we carry out our own 'in-house' treatments, which include oils, waxes, lacquers and stains. All our finishes and treatments are double coated, then polished for a quality professional finish.
To order samples see our page.accessories

We can colour match to your existing furniture.  All you need to do, is send us a good quality picture via email or ideally, send us an off-cut of your wood (i.e. flooring/worktop etc).  Please note, we can't guarantee exact colour matching but in most cases we can achieve a very good match. If matching to a previous order, we will treat it using the same products.  This doesn't guarantee a match, as each cut of oak is different in shade, so we would advise you send photos.  Visit our showroom page and check our virtual showroom, all finishes and colours can be viewed there. For profiles and edge designs see our profiling page.

All our solid oak shelves and mantels can be left untreated for you to finish and treat yourself but if you need a colour match please email us at:

Please Note: All oak boards are different in appearance and grain colour when they arrive from the saw mill.  The colours in the range below must be used as a guide only.  If you need an exact colour match, please request a colour match; as we cannot guarantee the finished products will be identical to the colours in the guide below.
Oak Store Direct are stockists and suppliers of the full Rustins & Briwax range of wood treatment and finishing ranges.  Available from stock at our trade counter and online, here on our website.  All our oak mantels, shelving, surrounds and timber products can be treated in house * with any of the following range of finishes.


Furniture Wax Polish - wax sealer available in:
Furniture Oil - oil available in:
Furniture Laquer - lacquer available in:
Just select which finish you'd like by selecting it from the drop down menus in the item page, (most common are listed).  If your choice isn't listed, please add a comment in the "comments" box and we'll get in touch.  If you have your own design or you're furniture matching, (colour/profiles etc), please send us a picture to compare  See our samples listing for further details.